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Monday, 15 December 2014

12 Days of My Favourite Christmas Shopping

On the first day of Christmas shopping London Drugs sent to me a partridge in a pear tree; full of the nicest and cheapest Christmas decorations in town.

London Drugs  Varied Locations,

On the second day of Christmas shopping Sweet e's sent to me two turtle doves; one from each of the two lovely talented ladies at Sweet e's.

Sweet e's  2032 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver,

On the third day of Christmas shopping Motherland sent to me three french hens; stacked with the most elegantly locally designed and manufactured men clothing in all of Vancouver.

Motherland  3647 Main Street, Vancouver,

On the fourth day of Christmas shopping Rumour Handcraft sent to me four calling birds; delivering the best of Saskatchewan's local arts and handcrafts to all of Canada for free.

Rumour Handcraft Inc. #15- 5201 Regina Avenue, Regina

On the fifth day of Christmas shopping Janice Wong Studio sent to me five golden rings; to match Janice Wong's class-of-their-own paintings worth their size in gold.

Janice Wong Studio  1707 Fir Street, Vancouver,

On the sixth day of Christmas European Specialty Importers sent to me six geese a laying; to remind me of all the Christmas goodies to cheer up the little baby geese in your lives.

European Specialty Importers  220 Prior Street, Vancouver
(tune back tomorrow for Part 2 of 12 Days of My Favourite Christmas Shopping)

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