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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Richmond Adventure with Minkey

Destination - the depths of Richmond

Occasion - just because we miss each other

Location - a palace on Granville Street

Food - Asian fusion (more on that below)

Entertainment - Minkey

Minkey is an adorable cat. She loves being not only with, but also on, people.

The first person that sits down somewhere, Minkey is on their lap, climbing to their face, purring excitedly and cuddling for as long as one tolerates her.

Back to the Asian fusion food. From China, a simple, delicious, home made wonton soup.

From Thailand, spicy eggplant over noodles.

And an amazing chicken and red peppers home-made South Indian dish.

Back to Minkey. She broke every house rule and joined dinner guests in their lap on the table.

And it's not for the food; just for the company.

Until a tower of chocolate appeared and Minkey ran for the hills.

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