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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Falling in Love on Main Street

That's with the latest neatest discovery on Main street - Balance Botanicals

I fell in love with the elegance without pretentiousness.

I fell in love with the smartness of putting quality herbs, spices, grains, candies, teas, salts, peppers and whatever else I am forgetting, for sale in bulk under one roof.

I fell in love with the beautiful packaging, jars, bottles that you can buy with or without the ingredients.

I fell in love with the small business owners' dedication to quality, pride in their offering and the handmade wooden counters.

There was a lot to take in so I need to go back and tackle the inventory category by category. Till then, I am enjoying two teas I bought on the first trip.

 Balance Botanicals
4341 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

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