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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Batard At Last

I have waited months for Batard to open its doors. Then it took me few more months to find myself free on a Saturday morning to discover it. And here I am in one of the fanciest looking cafés of the neighbourhood

I was most excited about the breads. Afterall, I have been eating Chris Brown's breads for the past 3 years or so and excited to have his bread withing walking distance

But unfortunately, this is where my interactions with Batard may have to stop. You see, I was expecting to be able to go and sit down with a nice cup of coffee and enjoy a snack of BC wildsalmon pate with Chris Brown's toast

But this is how it was served: I was asked to pick up a plastic container of the paté from the fridge and called to pick up the toasted bread and coffee. What a mismatch food presentation experience to the fanciness of the place itself. This is not what a $10 snack should look like or be served in a place that is building its image as an old fashioned eating establishment

So I will be stopping by to pick up the exceptional Chris Brown's bread, maybe try some of these appealing looking baked goodies. But as a café experience, Batard can learn a lot from another small authentic marché down the street

  3958 Fraser Street
Vancouver, BC

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