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Monday, 8 June 2015

Eclectic Beirut at Night - Part 1

Where, other than in Beirut, one finds nuns going on an evening stroll around a mosque

Or traditional head covered women roaming a shopping mall packed with stores selling skimpy women's underwear and swim suits

p.f. Chang, that I recall enjoying in Toronto, made it to Beirut before Vancouver

While beautiful murals are all over Beirut, this caught my attention. No trace to what bahd Beirut is all about except a posting by AlieninBeirut - an Irish Beirut resident - taking or finding the same picture. Intrigued if anyone knows more

 The most fun is checking out endless night clubs and pubs popping up right in the middle of residential areas - imagine coming down to a night club in your pj right in the building you live in


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