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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Eclectic Beirut at Night - Part 2

Adventure begins with Eclectic Beirut at Night - Part 1

Beirut continues to be the pride of Lebanese with the statue of martyrs for Lebanese independence in the late 40's surviving the war and continuing to be the centre of political demonstrations, cultural fairs and wild concerts - at times all simulatenously

Only if I delayed my trip two weeks, I could have been here in the midst of all the lights and all-night eating adventures of Ramadan. Bad planning somerville kitchen

Instead, I had the pleasure of discovering Armenian Beirut. Yes, Beirut is packed with Armenians who fled the massacres in their country 100 years ago and remain true to their culture, including this old Armenian church (in purple) and the Armenian Basilica in white in the background

And right across this beautiful old Beirut house is the most charming Armenian restaurant. Tune back tomorrow for the story of an Armenian Feast

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