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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Armenian Feast

In yesterday's Eclectic Beirut at Night I promised you an Armenian feast; at Seza Bistro
Two Armenian guys charming the guests while two Armenian mademoiselles in their cute traditional outfits working the kitchen

A feast was ordered based on guessing and intution

Patatesove are mini kebbeh stuffed with potatoes and Armenian spicing - alright

On the other hand, Imam Bayildi, eggplants with tomatoes and pepper are a must

Gedzou Patates are spiced potatoes with garlic and cilantro with exceptional crunch

Of course one cannot skip the well known Armenian Lahmajan. While I have tried the imitations in Lebanese restaurants, these originals are a perfection

Manti -  the real authentic treat - are mini doughs stuffed with meat and baked. When served, they are drizzled with a tomato sauce, yogurt sauce then sumaq

I am craving a full dinner of Manti and nothing else. This is definitely a must

Other main dishes reflect the tradition of the region's elders of no waste

Every part of a sheep is served one way or another at Seza including the intestines and the feet

The lovely Armenian hosts wrapped up our evening with a selection of sweets on the house

Armenia Street
Mar Mikhael, Beirut

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