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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Local Fruits

 The beautiful sunsets are even more enjoyable with fresh local fruit - the benefits of summer visits

The oranges are nothing as perfectly round and orange coloured as the modified ones we find in North America

They may not look perfect, but they taste perfect - juicy, sweet, crunchy

The same goes for the plums. They are bloody red inside, juicy, sweet and addictive

The other delicacies I have been indulging on at sunset are the cherries and apricots

I am going through plates of cherries in no time - fresh, sweet, perfectly round

The apricots, like the oranges, do not look perfectly round and one coloured, but these are the best apricots one could dream of having

Add to this the fresh bananas and watermelons and I am sure getting all the vitamins I need every sunset


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