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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Discover Argo

Argo Café has been hiding on Ontario street until we started discovering the neighbourhood, thanks to the Olympics.

A cash only diner owned and ran by famous chefs that make delicious fresh food at half the prices restaurants they worked at prior would have charged.

Excellent service, tasty fresh food, decadent home made desserts and five flavours of milkshakes.

They were so gracious to create a combo vanilla mocha milkshake. Thank you. 

This may look like a cheap diner canned soup. But it is not. It is home made with perfect mix of herbs rather than lots of salt to bring out the taste.

As for this platter, it is a Chicken Chili Con Queso on Rice with Avocado. The name looked interesting on the board and it was.

Dessert offers vary by day and today I was lucky to try the home made Tiramisu, presented in a cup of layers of decadence.

Argo Café
1836 Ontario Street
Vancouver, BC

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Unknown said...

Looks wonderful ☺