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Sunday, 20 December 2015

4Cats - Lucy Pushkin

Lucy Pushkin (a.k.a. VOKRA's Smokey) is a gorgeous Russian princess who spent over 15 minutes banging on the cage she was in waiting to get to her foster and screaming at me until I broke down and brought her home.

And I am glad I did. She is an adorable kitten who is now 10 months old. 

Her size, emotions and pensive eyes make one think of her as an older cat. But she is really a kitten that just wants to be loved, played with and talked to.

As the oldest of the 4Cats, she expects to get all the attention. If she does not, she may pout a day or two, but she is so sweet natured that she forgives and forgets very quickly.

She loves playing with her toys and I am now starting to train her to be my assistant at work; and she is a fast learner.

Despite her good nature and sensitivity, I am sure she will be the princess of the house and the rest of the cats. And I think she is starting to fall in love with one of the boys.

Enjoy a photo gallery tour of Lucy Pushkin.

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