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Saturday, 19 December 2015

In Memory of Catsess

In memory of four years since the arrival (and now loss) of Catsess and her brothers (Read One Year Later), a tribute to a favourite cat and my favourite memories of her 3.5 years in this world. 

Catsess only ate wet food from plates; she would eat her treats and dry food off this ledge, even if it means waiting for hours until being served

A queen of paws - stretchy paws, weird placement paws and loved having both her front and back paws played with.

She loved having me around and was always at my side; going to extremes not to let me leave on a trip.

I called her my office assistant and till her last days, she was always with me as I worked. 

As soon as I walk out of the shower, she will come down from wherever she was in the house to have her time with me on the bed.

Born a feral, she never got into sitting on laps or cuddling. But dare I lay on a sofa without her stretching herself on my legs within 2 seconds.

She loved her supervised jardin visits. Like a human baby, all I had to do is shout 'home' and she runs inside.

She sure was a princess and knew how to pose as one.

A wonderful sweet cat till the last hour, when she used all her powers to jump on the sofa, cuddle and purr for a bit, then go to her hiding place where she passed away naturally and as comfortably as it can be in her own home.

I miss you so much catsess; even four running around kittens are not able to get me to forget you. Rest in peace.


Morgan Brayton said...

A lovely tribute. I'm sorry for your loss but so glad you had each other for the time you did.

Unknown said...

Beautifully said... And yes, she was very special.