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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Beirut Christmas in Action - Part 1

One of my lovely cousins showed up with a list of Beirut fun activities.

The list was long and the Christmas In Action event, with its many many exhibits, took the share of the outing.

A huge warehouse filled with booth after booth of local foodies presenting their foods.

I was like a kid in a candy store jumping from booth to booth, forgetting along the way to take down the business name.

So if I don't mention your name, it just means that you distracted me too much with your delicious goodies; not that I do not want to promote you.

The varieties of grapes, citrus, pumpkins and vegetables - all organic and original to the land welcomed visitors.

Miel du Levant is the first organic honey in Lebanon. Different flavours and sizes with 0% saccharose. I tasted and I liked! (

While not edible, this was my favourite encounter and purchase. Bechara Baroudi Akel is a young Chilean Lebanese artist with productions that is a hybrid of art and graffiti (at least that is how I saw it). Beautiful stuff and some of the art is turned into iPhone covers; which I am now a proud owner. (

Jams, jams and more jams. This guy turns anything edible into jams including eggplants and every fruit you can think of. I could not resist picking up a beautiful looking jar of watermelon jam (yes, with pieces of watermelon in the jam). You are welcome to visit for a taster over afternoon tea next week.

And of course chocolates. There were over a handful of chocolate booths, but the one that grabbed me is LE NOIR Atelier Du Chocolat based within four minutes drive from my parents' house. 

Pure chocolate turned into an amazing hot chocolate with melting marshmallows. Exceptional. (

Tune back for Part 2 and more tasty discoveries.

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