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Monday, 7 December 2015

Beirut Christmas in Action - Part 2

Read Part 1 HERE

Pop City is a booth I should have spent more time at, and tasted one of the many unique popsicles flavours... but I regress and regret now.

On to savoury, these women (who I failed to take their names) take the basic Kebbeh and stuff it with other dishes and flavours. What a brilliant idea - topping Kebbeh like pizza or turning it into sandwiches. Something I am sure to try soon.

Taking a break from food, these are cooked but not edible - soaps made into all sorts of traditional Lebanese objects. Wonder who may get one for Christmas this year.

Lebanon winery scenes is following the growth we are seeing in the Okanagan. Chateau St. Thomas is one such winery that I have not heard of before this fair. And they sure knew how to get noticed - preparing fresh mulled wine with their exceptional Pinot Noir.

Discovered too late in the tour to try is This Little Piggy.

Freshly made pulled pork sandwiches that are not cheap but smell divine. This is worth a special return trip to try it.

Merry Christmas from Beirut


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