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Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Lebanese Soubhieh

A trip to Lebanon includes many Soubhiehes (click HERE for what is a Soubhieh).

This trip's Soubhieh was exceptional with home made tarts - with or without jam toppings. Which meant that I had to taste one of each.

But that was just a start. A big bag of freshly baked savoury goodies showed up smelling divine.

I started with the Manakeesh only  to find out that there were also cheese and meat versions. One of each would have more than sufficed except that the meat one was so delicious that I went for seconds.

Soubhieh is not only about food. On-going stream of coffee and cigarettes are an essential part of the ritual. I loved the little kitty object that is made to smash the cigarette in when done as not to dirty the fancy ashtray.

I am going to sure miss those every day...

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