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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Spontaneous Summer Desserts

As we all gear up to turning our heaters back on this weekend, I wanted to reflect on summer and share with you a seven summer spontaneous desserts to keep you going for the next seven months.

Why have a banana cake (see recipe) on its own when you can dress it up.

A tsp of raspberry jam, a piece of marshmallow and rather than serving a piece of cake, you are now serving Guimauve avec Gateau. 

Beautiful fruit in abundance early summer from the different local farmers' markets (my favourite remains Kerrisdale's).

All you have to do is design the layout and you have a Triage des Fruits.

The infamous somerville kitchen's sfoof (see recipe) is easily fancied up with three enhancements: (a) sherbert; (b) apricot; and (c) fancy serving plate.

I call it Sfoof a la Mode.

I wrote about those Beignets before (see Memories of New Orlean's).

And as if deep fried dough covered with sugar does not have enough calories, you can enhance the calorie count with Kozy Shack rice pudding and colour up the plate with a jardin strawberry.

You now have Beignets de Jardin.
And Kozy Shack rice pudding shows up again. This became a regular feature for a couple of weeks at somerville kitchen.

What's easier than picking up some fresh jardin blackberries and a pack of Kozy Shack and mix together for Kozy Shack La Mure Riz Pouding. 

The day after Blogiversary celebrations, leftovers cupcakes were cut in half, covered with cream and topped with fresh jardin raspberries to yield Les Deux Etages Cupcake.

Love to hear your spontaneous desserts ideas at or in the comments below. Thank you.


~T.E.~ said...

The easiest and most delicious rice pudding recipe ever:
buy a box of vanilla pudding that you COOK (not instant). Cook according to directions and add leftover rice to it. Add drops of real vanilla essence and some raisins or currents and cinnamon.
NOW ENJOY it warm/hot! YUMMMMM

somerville kitchen said...

now this is what I call a yummy sponatenous dessert. Thank you T.E., will sure try it.