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Saturday, 14 July 2012

More Jardin Picnics

Similar to last night (read Picnic Pakistani Style), it is too hot to cook inside and too beautiful not to be among the poppies in jardin.

So cat and I set up for a picnic in jardin. Steaks and corn ready for the BBQ (see the anticipation look on cats' face?). Potatoes foiled and ready to bake.

But no way I am raising the house temperature by baking inside, so the toaster oven was set up in jardin and became part of the picnic.

Jardin lettuce was chopped for a salad. 

In the spirit of the jardin theme, a raspberry dressing was developed. 

Essentially, leftover raspberry sauce from Canada's 145th birthday party was mixed with some yogurt. A few springs of fresh jardin thyme were thrown into it. Some fresh pepper and a beautifully coloured salad dressing was ready.

Designer skills (not mine of course) were applied for the polka dot raspberry and lettuce salad bowl to go with the steaks.

And a beautiful picnic of steak, BBQ corn, baked potatoes with sour cream and jardin chives was enjoyed among the poppies.

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