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Monday, 6 August 2012

Borscht and Cake - Aprés Picnic Party

The Borscht and Cake picnic over, the picnic table cleared of all evidence of the picnic except for mommy and baby sunflowers.

The heat was calming down, the sun leaving the jardin and a relaxing breeze making its way.

But one thing was left out - the big Borscht pot sitting idle on some stumps, wondering why everyone deserted it. Well, after all the hard work of this pot today, it deserved better treatment. 

So a téte-á-téte post picnic party started to develop. A visit to the fridge assessed the situation - lots of things to go with Borscht. And the production begun with heating and frying. 


A special Bottega Gold bottle was chilling waiting for its special moment, and this party was it.

The cork opened quickly, but took a flight over the shed and into the alley. No way the cork was going to stay there - you could take it to Italy and win something or another from the producers.

So running after the cork, it was safely located and all went back to enjoy one of the most delicious champagne I have ever tasted.

Meanwhile, the fridge yielded a jar of home made vegetable pickles, a tub of Eastern European potato salad, mustard and sour cream.

The freezer hid bags of perogies that were dumped in boiling water and covered with freshly fried onions and chopped sausages.

All were a perfect accompaniment for some left over Borscht and the last pieces of the Cake, extending the tasty pleasures of the Borscht and Cake picnic into the the darkness of a hot night.

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~T.E.~ said...

do I recognize those perogies???