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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Borscht and Cake - The Picnic

28 amazing individuals gathered around the pot of Borscht during the hottest hours of the hottest day of our summer.

They lined up with their plastic bowls' for their Borscht.

They then had to sing happy birthday in their mother tongue for their piece of cake.

And there were a dozen languages spoken around the picnic table, despite many got away with no song for their piece.

The flowing Sangria helped to ease the heat and roll the tongues in songs.

It was packed with wine and brandy, sugar and club soda, two juices and lots of oranges, lemons, strawberries and kiwi.

Honoured to have someone described as the best performing artist in the city on the guest list, she called for hummingbirds to  come and enjoy her handmade hummingbirds feeder hat

We played games too with the hit one being finding Maria Lucia.

A popular jardin artifact that was sent into compost corner exile relived some of her glory as searchers were lining up to pay her tribute.

That is when it was time to shift to a virgin punch of mango and pineapple juice with blueberries and pineapples.

Now if only I dropped some brandy into this bowl, the fun and frolic would have quadrupled.

Despite all the fun in the sun, the most popular parts of the picnic remained the hot pink coloured know it all borscht and the artistically constructed white  passion fruit and raspberry mousse Anita Cake.

 And let's not forget a drunkard cats.

Thank you all for the company, the gifts, the lovely conversations and the fun. But it would have not been a Borscht and Cake picnic without the hard work of Replacement Chef and Anita Cakes - to you a huge thank you.

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Anonymous said...

It was a beautiful day. The food, drink, garden, and company were summer perfect. It was a day to be grateful for such great friends, thank you. You are incredible hosts at Sommerville Gardens! It was a fantastic day.