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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Elegant Indian at Maurya

The elegance of this place starts with the poetic name - Maurya.

And this theme continues through the whole experience. From the elegant Indian mansion look of the restaurant despite its busy Broadway location to the fancy high ceiling interior.

The elegance of the presentation of the food to the subtle flavours in the sauces.

My first visit was for a quick business lunch today, so we went for their $13.99 lunch buffet. It was beautifully presented with distinct stations for papadum, salads, hot meal and desserts.

The selection included all the basics.

Pakoras, lamb curry and butter chicken, daal, Tandori chicken, palak paneer and channa, and a fried okra dish that kept me going back to the buffet.

Chutneys and raita were excellent. Unfortunately, dessert buffet emptied out before we were done.

I'm looking forward to a dinner visit to see how well the elegance translates to table service.

1643 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

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