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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Jardin Trois Salades

Last Wednesday you read about trois salades.

As summer draws to an end, I wanted to capitalize on the trois salades trend, but now mostly from le jardin.

So this week's trois salades were:

Mâche Salade

Mâche is a delicate green with a distinct sharp taste. I wanted to keep the sharp flavour of the greens, but needed something delicate to balance it out.

Fortunately I had my hands on beespeaker saijiki's garden's edible flowers - a perfect addition for a fancy salad and beautiful look.

Jardin Concombre

There are at least half a dozen of those organically grown cucumbers in jardin.

When you have something so tasty, it is a shame to mask its taste with dressing.

Instead, chopped cucumbers, nice market tomatoes (when will the jardin tomatoes show their red face?), lime and chopped jardin parsley.

Not a salad per se, but definitely a fresh tasting salad experience.

Pois Betterave Salade

From someone's large jardin somewhere close by are those colorful red and orange beets.

Boiled, sliced and mixed with fresh peas (also from someone's jardin somewhere - mine are on their way).

A drizzle of vinegar and oil et voila.

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