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Monday, 20 August 2012

somerville kitchen Mex

You work for 10 hours straight then come home to a drunkard cats, what dinner inspiration would you have?

Well, cats was drinking tequila, tequila is made in Mexico, so why not Mexican food for dinner.

A quick trip to the store finds me a selection of Que Pasa ready made Mexican food.

One package of beef burrito, one package of chicken enchilada and I am all ready to call it a night.

But wait, no Mexican restaurant will serve those without any beans. A can of refried pinto beans, made in Mexico, called out to me.

Now I was ready to go home, turn on the toaster oven and have my dinner ready in no time.

But there are no vegetables with dinner.

A couple of ears of corn were staring at me from the counter. They were steamed and all piled on the plate beating any Mexican restaurant within 25 KMs (are there any?).

Thank you Que Pasa for saving the day.

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