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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Weekend with Reza

Some readers may remember previous articles about how much I enjoyed cooking from Reza Mahammad's first book Rice, Spice and All Things Nice (read Spicing Up somerville kitchen; Indian Cooking Extravaganza Part 1 & Part 2).

Last week I received Reza's new book - Reza's Indian Spice. A beautiful read, great recipes and the same enjoyment of cooking those recipes as I got used to with the first book.

The recipe I chose was prefect for a weekend given the time involved in putting it together.

On the menu was Royal Leg of Lamb (p. 43).

It is supposed to be a simplified version of a palace dish - shahi raan. If the simplified version took all weekend, wonder what is involved in the original.
The lamb was marinated in two different marinades. 

The first was a paste created of white poppy seeds (I used sesame seeds instead), and every ingredient you see in this picture.

3 hours later, the second (overnight) marinade went on.

This was blended yogurt, onions and saffron with home made spice mix from what you see in the picture (my simplified version of the spice mix).

Today, 4 hours of cooking presented diners with this delicious, beautiful Royal Leg of Lamb sprinkled with onions, toasted almonds and jardin mint.

Subtle flavours; excellent recipe Reza.

Reza suggested serving it with   Jeweled Rice.

I was craving potatoes and the book's Roast Potatoes with Chilli and Masala recipe seemed an appropriate side.

Perfect, but spicier than expected.
The spices were calmed down with Kachumbar, another recipe Reza. The Raita was all mine.

Reza, you did not disappoint with the new book. Cooking those recipes continue to be a culinary enjoyable experience.

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