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Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday 13 Feasting

On Friday 13th, Catsess gone crazy in jardin and I gone crazy in the kitchen.

I fried some eggplants and grilled some pita for eggplant fatteh.

I fried cauliflower and cooked some green beans.

I made moujadara and started a mezza spread in le jardin.

I cleaned vegetables and prepared Fatoush.

And of course humus and baba ghanouj - all home made.

And the mezza spread spread even further in le jardin.

I plucked those beans off the vine in le jardin and added them to the feast.

First I boiled them, then cooked them with onions, olive oil and tomato paste to become the star of tonight's mezza.

Meanwhile, the Moughrabieh production was going on in the kitchen.

Onions and chicken boiled together, the couscous cooked, the caraway and cinnamon added and all sat down to feast.

And as if that was enough, there was not only one, but two white and creamy desserts.

Add bottles of wine, sherry and cognac and all went home smiling.

A pleasant Friday 13 Feasting.

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