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Thursday, 12 September 2013

My Favourite Shopping on Wacky Thursday

My favourite part of a Regina trip is shopping at Rumour Handcraft Inc. at the Regina Airport.

The combination of always-changing local Saskatchewan artifacts, books and foods along with a charming warm owner that remembers me despite months between visits makes this long trip worth it.

I always allow at least 30 minutes to hang out at Rumours Handcraft Inc. I visit with the owner and enjoy hearing the stories of all the artists and their history and work. 

And I always walk out with a bounty including paid for and small gifts from the owner.

A new publication of a 50's cookbook - The Saskatchewan Homemakers' Kitchens - fascinated me. It is printed off the original hand written recipes with 300 pages of recipes that are authentic, simple and will most likely turn out delicious.

For 10 years now, Rumour Handcraft Inc. has been bringing local original fashions that are attracting retail and wholesale buyers from all over North America.

And with a fetish for hats, I was in hat heaven with one of the largest hand made hats selection in the country.

Two hat makers caught my eye. 

One is the Hobby Hooker ( with a multitude of colours, shapes and material.

The other one, Sonia Pillipow ( specializes in the cutest ever children hats with never-seen-before creativity of design and shapes.

Beyond hats, there are wool socks, wool slippers, soaps, wooden artifacts and, if you are sitting on some cash, the 800 hours to carve horse by Jerry Veresh. 

The organic honey is claimed to be the best in Canada with lemon or cinnamon flavour (I went for the cinnamon).

Along with Saskatoon berry chocolates, berry tea and berry syrup to stock up somerville kitchen.

So next time you are planning a trip to Regina, make sure you put aside time to visit this most eclectic fun store, have a chat with the lovely owner and stock up on the most reasonably priced one-of-a-kind local artifacts.

Just look at my bounty for less than $150!

Rumour Handcraft Inc.
#15- 5201 Regina Avenue (Inside the airport before security)
Regina, SK

Thank you for the visit and the goodies and see you again soon I hope.

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Anonymous said...

It is always treat to stop at the Airport and go to Rumours . I am from Edmonton and fly in to Regina to see my Mom quite frequently . I love the silk and felt shawls at Rumours and wear them to many Galas and conferences. The compliments are lovely . I a. So impressed with the quality, friendliness and excellent service at Rumours .this store is an example of good business skills !