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Friday, 8 November 2013

A Dinner of Lady K Freekeh

Readers of the blog are no foreigners to Freekeh (Read a Dinner of Freekeh).

But Lady K took out the box of Freekeh - this  2300 BC burnt wheat - and turned it into a feast.

A simple approach with sophisticated results.

Lamb shanks were boiled with spices until fully cooked and a nice lamb broth created.

The Freekeh was then cooked in the lamb broth. Green peas added to the mix, pine nuts sprinkled and a delicious meal was served.

Lady K also made Fatteh - chick peas with grilled pita, yogurt and pine nuts.

Lady K had a Fatteh trick up her sleeves - adding tahini sauce to the yogurt, creating more depth and flavour.

The one thing Lady K missed out on was those fresh Freekeh that smell, look and feel 100 time nicer than any Freekeh box one can buy.

You'd just have to make another Freekeh creation Lady K.

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