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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Win a somerville kitchen Tray of Sfoof

You have a chance to be creative, help somerville kitchen and win a tray of those delicious Sfoof (Lebanese turmeric anise squares). 

My kitchen is getting very messy. My cupboards disorganized. And I need your help (well your brains', not physical, help).

I am looking for cupboard organization plan. I have 19 cupboards and 7 drawers.

I have eating plates, serving plates. I have cups and glasses. I have all sorts of containers. I have pots, pans and trays. I have jars filled with grains. I have spices and baking material. I have small appliances and I need to fit them all.

So please email me a plan of what should go where and with what and you will be eligible to win a tray of Sfoof.

So get designing and I will get baking - email your plan to

Thank you in advance!

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