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Sunday, 3 November 2013

A Traditional Lebanese Brunch

Hidden in a beautiful forest in the mountains is a generous home. This home opened its doors to an amazing traditional Lebanese brunch.

A typical brunch starts with fresh munchies.

There will always be labneh and haloum cheese, with whatever you choose to eat them with.

Three traditional Lebanese brunch essentials include (1) Manakeesh (with za'atar and cheese).

(2) Foul Mdamas (fava beans and chick peas in lemon, olive oil and garlic sauce)

And (3) my favourite white and creamy Knefeh tray.

Mano'ooh is a completely new taste experience that is out of this world and I will be trying it soon (then I will explain to you what it is).

A home made tiramisu added an international sweet touch to the brunch.

Once the brunch was over, it was time to sweeten your tooth with some desserts and jams.

And traditional sweets to go with the aprés brunch coffee.

Thank you HaN for an amazing memorable spread.


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