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Friday, 22 November 2013


Hidden on Victoria Drive is a family operated Taiwanese restaurant called Kalvin's. 

The food is fresh. The service efficient. The selection covers the regular dim sum and Chinese food fare, but some interesting other dishes or dishes made with different twist than typical Chinese restaurants.

Our choice was a dim sum selection presented below. Good portions and all you see was about $30.00. 

I think a dinner at Kalvin's will be an even more interesting experience. Anyone wants to join me?

Meanwhile, here's our dim sum.

Five Spice Beef in Chinese Pancake - a twist on beef roll with lighter dough and nicer spicing

Pan Fried Chives Dumpling - oily but packed with chives

Red Bean Paste Cake - heavier than most other places, but tastier and just the right sweetness

10 Shanghai Style Dumplings - the most soup filled ones I have had in the city; very well done.

Kalvin's Restaurant
5225 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC

Kalvin's Szechuen Restaurant 松林居 on Urbanspoon


~T.E.~ said...

I would LOVE you join you a Kalvin's!!

somerville kitchen said...

We have a date T.E.