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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A Good Wolfe

Another Yaletown discovery, Good Wolfe Kitchen & Bar.

Elegant place, pleasant service, decent food, outdoor seating for the spring upon us, but at the end of the day it is still another Yaletown Restaurant with little differentiation than one to the right or the left of it.

In my quest of trying something unique, I could not resist the Isreali style humus. It was good.

Low to no garlic (the way Humus should be) and, new to me, covered with zaa'tar and olive oil. I should try this at home.

Another unique offering was the BC fish shawarma - Nicely spiced, in a nice warm pita with a sprinkle of tabouleh and humus.

Enjoyable enough, but wish I got tahini sauce instead of ketchup.

The dessert was impressive in taste and presentation - some sort of fried bread pudding. A huge serving too. Next time it is going to be hot chocolate and dessert break at Good Wolfe.

Good Wolfe Kitchen & Bar
1043 Mainland
Vancouver, BC

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