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Friday, 14 November 2014

Real Metropolitan

The elegant Beirut Souks are home to the Met Café, a truly metropolitan restaurant.

The menu includes at least five options of each of pizzas, pastas, sushi, sandwiches, Lebanese food, international food, even a couple of Indian dishes.

And a plat du jour.

This was a plate of Moughrabieh (Click HERE to learn more about what Moughrabieh is). 

It is one of my favourite meals and I knew mom won't be making it this trip, so plat du jour it is.

The platter looked beautiful. The couscous pieces were large and well cooked.

Sauce on the side smelled amazing, full of cinnamon, allspice and caraway.

It was cooked the old fashioned way with both meat and chicken (today, people cook it with chicken only).

A table order of sushi looked very colourful. But do I dare eating sushi in Lebanon?

I skipped and stuck to my warm delicious Moughrabieh.

A very pleasant eating experience in the fancy souks of Beirut.

The Met
Beirut Souks

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