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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A Nice Parlour

This piece of art at The Parlour Yaletown gives a good snapshot of the vibe at this newly discovered (and thoroughly enjoyed) place.

Their Pizzas were highly recommended. And you can have each one in two different halves, so it was a great opportunity to sample four pizzas for the price of two. Here they are from my most to least enjoyed.

The Big Prawn (with generous amounts of prawns on it) - Excellent.

The Hamilton Street (with blue cheese and pears) - Exceptional

 The Yaletown (with Ahi Tuna) - Very good, but does not work as leftovers well.

The #SWAG (with honey and ricotta cheese) - needs work, too sweet with no punch.

The Parlour Yaletown
1011 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC


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~T.E.~ said...

chocolate BRAS ART lol