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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Exploring the Far East - Part A

Work took me to the Far East today touring Surrey, Langley and Cloverday. 

With 4 hours to kill between meetings the options were touring wineries (Read Drinking in the Townships) or discovering one of the many shopping malls of the Far East.

With wineries mainly closed at this time of the year, I landed at Willowbrook Shopping Centre.

I was excited thinking of all the interesting discoveries and food adventures I may have during those four hours.

This is the first site that welcomed me. Target came and almost left the country and I am yet to visit it. So I thought this is a historical retail event in Canada and I may as well be part of it.

Now I know why Target is closing down - it is by far the worse shopping experience of any retailer I have been to (at least Walmart has a tacky grandeur that makes it interesting).

No good deals either - $60 for 3 items.

Then I see Mattu's - a cute smorgasbord of sandwiches, sweets, coffee, tea and kitchen gadgets.

And a place to sit and work - perfect. 

A Bombay Fog and an interesting mocha cake made the approaching one hour of work appealing.

The Bombay Fog was made with weak packaged Chai. 

The cake was a mush of something white and tasteless cream.

An HMV. I did not think CDs and DVDs are still being sold. Went in with high expectations of $2.00 DVDs or CDs. But no, this stuff is even more expensive today than it was in its hay days.

Tune back tomorrow for Part B of Exploring the Far East (and it does not get much better).


~T.E.~ said...

I don't know if you were being *cute* or not but it's Cloverdale not Cloverday :)

somerville kitchen said...

Shows you how much I really know the Far East