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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Exploring the Far East - Part B

Wow, a neat barbershop, Tommy Gun's, packed with Langley hispters.

I was very excited about a haircut, but the wait was 30 - 40 minutes (in the middle of the day).

I now have a $5 coupon to come back, but this is the closest location to the city (not likely).

Time to have lunch - let's discover the Food Court.

A&W was a possibility, but the food court is dense, dark and noisy. So a blueberry milkshake, burger and a poutine across the street at White Spot hit the spot.

Time for a nap. They have this 'chill lounge', a free area where you can relax right in the shopping mall.

Brilliant idea, badly executed. Two TV screens blasting CNN war stories, seating arrangement that does not allow you to rest your back.

There goes the nap.

Le Chateau was probably the best men's clothing in the centre. However, their display and clothing seemed to be identical to their display and clothing in the 80's when I used to frequent Le Chateau.

At least I killed the time. More importantly, I survived witnessing any baby hanging.

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