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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

My Fair Lebanese Lady

One of the most enjoyable evenings on this Lebanon trip was an invite from a charming cousin to a live musical - Bint El Jabal.

Some of you may look at this picture and say well, this does not look very Lebanese. That is because this is a hybrid. It is a Lebanese adapted version of My Fair Lady - the Tarboush the guys are wearing below is one sample of the Lebanonization of the play.

This play was first produced and played in Lebanon during the late 70s. The main star at that time was a beautiful singer called Salwa El-Katreeb. Salwa passed away in 2009 at a young age. Today, her talented daughter, Aline Lahoud, is playing the role of her mother in the remake of the play.

Some of the music scores are original Lebanese songs. Some others are arabized lyrics of the original music (remember Take me to the church on time?)

Now if I can only remember the Lebanonized phrase that replaced The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly in the Plains - all I recall is it was a tough one in Arabic.

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