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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Cottage Pie Time

The Scouse Ambassador (see story at Halloween Scouse) sent me this great recipe for Cottage Pie - here it is verbatim:

One makes a stew; strain-off part of the liquid [Save for soup] place mashed-potatoes [Butter and sour-cream] on top with a beaten-egg glaze or grated-cheese; grill it for a few’s a very simple palate-pleaser.

Tonight was the night for a palate pleaser. 

I had some leftover Scouse from the weekend. I have planned this at that time and strained off most of the liquid and kept it aside specially for this project.

Despite somerville kitchen being a mashed potato purist - i.e., butter and milk and nothing else, I had to follow the recipe as is.

A thick mashed potato with sour cream and butter covered the stew nicely.

Now came the decision whether to top with beaten egg-glaze OR shredded cheese. A tough decision so I had to go for council.

I was advised to use beaten egg-glaze AND shredded cheese (side by side).

The final product was not only delicious whether eaten from the left or the right side, but also looked like a Mark Rothko original.

Thank you Scouse Ambassador for a great recipe.

 A Mark Rothko Original

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