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Friday, 19 August 2011

Freezing Peas

Summer is coming to an end and le jardin peas have given and given. Boys had fun with them (see Boys will be Boys and The Miracle of the Pea Trellis).

somerville kitchen cooked and cooked, exhausting summer snow peas recipes (see 100% Jardin Crop Dinner and Jardin & Chow).

Now what to do with all those peas still on the trellis? Let's start by picking them up, which is always fun. Then, like a farmer's maid, start podding them in a bucket.

Now that is a lot of peas when you don't have a clue what to make with them tonight. Well, let's freeze them.

Off to the cookbook shelf for one of the most useful books I have, Will It Freeze? Here is your Kitchen Tip on freezing peas, directly from the book.

Blanch for 1 minute, cool and drain. Open-freeze on trays until hard, then pack in required amounts in polythene bags, seal and freeze.

And there, now I have enough frozen jardin peas for at least three meals. I am glad I bought a freezer!

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