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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Wacky Idea

Catses are feeding on my brain making me come up with wacky ideas.

What were you thinking, I tell myself as I invite my dear lovely neighbour to share a home made Pav Bhaji.

Recipe says: "this is a very  popular street food that is sold throughout Bombay".

When I tell my dear lovely neighbour what I'm making she says: "This is a very popular Bombay street food".

Now I'm nervous - I am making Bombay street food to serve to someone who actually ate it on the streets in Bombay.

And when I find I am missing mango powder and star anise, blood pressure rapidly increases.

But I persist. 

I chop the onions. I prepare the garlic and ginger.

I boil the potatoes, chop the carrots, cauliflower and pepper.
I add the peas and tomatoes and I say a prayer.

"This is looking very authentic" says my dear lovely neighbour.

Not yet. There is still once obstacle to get over before my dear lovely neighbour can claim authenticity - the fried buns served with this dish.

I spread butter on one side of dinner rolls.

I heat the frying pan and my dear lovely neighbour helps me perfect final detail.

A Pav Bhaji, authentically approved dish is served.

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