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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Impressive Mourad

Mourad Lahlou is the author of Mourad New Moroccan cookbook.

This cookbook was a perfect Christmas gift sent to me from San Francisco where Mourad owns a popular restaurant called Aziza.

The book is amazing - it is a melange of a memoir, history of food in Morocco and amazing, fun to cook recipes.

The recipes are very involved. Even though it was a Saturday, I had to simplify the recipes to make sure dinner is ready on time.

Those spices (plus olive oil) are the basis for marinating the chicken. 

The chicken is marinated for at least six hours. It was grilled on the fire place. Sorry Mourad, I skipped the sauce to drizzle the grilled chicken with. Despite that, those were amazing chicken skewers.

 Those spices were to make Aziza's curry powder for the curried potatoes.

Potatoes are mixed with the powder, stacked in a pyramid in a tagine and baked to perfection.

The salad, at first glance, seemed to be easy. But when I explored the recipe in detail (an hour before dinner), it included fancy production of date leather. Sorry again Mourad, I took the short cut and just mixed the greens, dates and almonds. But I promise I will attempt those date leathers one day.

Thank you Mourad for a great cooking experience. Thank you my San Francisco friend for the book, we have a standing date to try Aziza on the next trip.

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