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Friday, 13 February 2015

Brunch, Lunch or Huge Plate Dim Sum?

11:30 am. Chinatown is packed.

My favourite Gain Wah, though, is ready to welcome hungry people from all races, ages and drug preferences.

Service efficient and friendly as usual and a feast was spread in front of us in no time.

The meal began with what I continue to believe is the best Congee in town.

The wontons in hot chilli sauce ranked up there in taste and texture.

For meat we had BBQ Pork on Rice and Beef and Bitter Melon Chow Mein. BBQ Pork is a regular dish at Gain Wah visits, but I think I will revert to other Chow Mein selections.

And for greens, the server recommended snap peas greens - very good. Wonder if those are seasonal.

Gain Wah 
218 Keefer Street
Vancouver, BC
 Gain Wah on Urbanspoon 

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