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Monday, 17 December 2012

A Little 3S Dinner Party

A little 3S dinner party built itself at somerville kitchen tonight with Soup, Samosa and Sweets.

Jennifer's Jiffies simply soothing noodle soup was perfect to calm my nerves after last week.

A new bakery on Fraser Street, Manohar Vegetarian Bakery (6414 Fraser Street), has those unique baked potato samosas.

Seemed tastier (maybe even healthier) than bread and cheese. 

While at the Manohar Vegetarian Bakery, I just could not resist this miniature cake.

It looked like a Barbie cake, so cute. I did not even ask what kind of cake it was; just picked it up. 

A white cake with nice frosting and a layer of some paste. Went very well with the soup and samosas and made for a fun little 3S dinner party.

Manohar Vegetarian Bakery
6414 Fraser Street
Vancouver, BC

Manohar Vegetarian Bakery on Urbanspoon 

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