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Monday, 13 January 2014


Another great Christmas gift this year, an ancient cookbook called Lenten.

An excellent book of lent recipes and stories. I just could not wait till lent so I picked up a simple grains pilaf recipe to make.

A half rice half barley pilaf baked with onions and mushrooms.

It took an hour to cook, but it was worth the wait - simple taste and full of goodness.

Now what to eat with this lovely Lenten Book pilaf? A Moroccan style stew with potatoes, carrots and chick peas. But given it is too early for lent, sausages were added.

And fried lettuce fit in perfectly well - Thank you very much my dear Empress for the lovely gift inspiring this lovely meal.


1 comment:

~T.E.~ said...

dear M, can you send me that recipe with the rice, barley, mushrooms and looks SO DELISH!!!