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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Ask For Who?

Luigi. Yes, Ask For Luigi and you will be sitting in the cutest Italian bistro in the city served by humble friendly models and watching the down-to-earth chefs cooking.

Very unique and innovative menu meant writing off the afternoon; pretending we are in Europe chatting and trying one colourful dish after another; starting with anchovies and eggs.

Moving to a favourite that I am going to try at home - fried cauliflower covered with mint, fried chickpeas, and lots and lots of shredded cheese.

Another must-have is the suppli - a fried risotto filled with cheese and served with fried basil and a lovely sauce.

For greens, slightly fried watercress and endives with goat cheese, delicious simple dressing and lots of nuts - a meal on its own.

Despite all those antipasti (we were two after all), one could not resist trying the pasta when you are sitting watching them making the dough right there and then.

With a limited selection, we shared the linguini with pancetta, chilies & tomato sauce. It was amazing. Too bad we ate so much, I would have liked to try their olive oil cake for dessert. There will be a next time for sure.

Ask for Luigi
305 Alexander Street
Vancouver, BC

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