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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Perfect Wacky Thursday Dining

In over 30 years in Canada, I have yet to try A&W, until tonight.

It was, overall, a very pleasant outing. I went to the one on Oak street (and 49th) which was a good choice.

Quiet, clean, comfortable, extremely friendly and polite staff, even bringing out the food to the table.

With all the signage about 100% pure beef with no hormones or steroids, there were difficult negotiations with the higher ups to break lent for a day and try the beef.

But I committed the deadly sin of lust where i did not have one (Mozaburger) burger, but two (Teen burger). While bland beef, it tasted way more like beef than any other fast food chain burgers I had. Not to mention those cutest french fries baskets (I want one).

A fun experience for sure, even though I forgot to order the root beer.

6491 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC


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