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Monday, 4 March 2013

Joy of Feeding - A Preview (Part 2)

A continuation of Joy of Feeding Preview (Part 1), here are more teasers.

And there are even more countries represented but not featured here including Venezuela, Mexico, and Ukraine.

From Malaysia; Sambai on Rice - a very spicy and tasty prawn stew.

From our original land owners, BC Saalich First Nations; Smoked Salmon - freshly made and served with a sweet spread for a perfect taste combination.

From the Basque Country; A variety of Spanish Omelettes - all excellent and spiced up with a freshly tasting red beans dip.

From our own Vancouver: Pizza - but not any pizza. This one has mozzarella, jam and nuts for a bridging experience between savoury and sweet.

And from Russia; Olivier - a typical Russian salad with potatoes, peas ans shredded chicken that is fresher and healthier than any Russian salad I tasted.

June 30 - book the date and if you are nice to me, I may offer you a free ticket.

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