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Monday, 2 December 2013

Food Transformers

I may not be a fan of Transformers, but definitely a fan of Clark Kent transforming into Superman and of food transforming into a fancy meal (served Yaletown mini-style as you see above).

A piece of chicken breast on sale may not look the most appetizing (oh why do we have to eat chicken wrapped with so much plastic).

But within 20 minutes, it is a dashing platter of Shish Taouk.

Boiled beans in oil, garlic and lemon are delicious fresh. Sitting in a fridge overnight they become boring.

A bit of tomatoes, tomato paste, and onions - a freshly made platter of Fasoulia bi Banadoura.

I just love french fries. 

My childhood memories include a platter of french fries at each meal at my aunts. My mother makes the best french fries. So no wonder I cannot restrain from having them at least once a week.

But that means a lot of vegetable oil which is not the cheapest. So every time I fry potatoes, I keep the oil and recycle it once or twice.

And I never cease to be amazed by the  transformation of vegetable oil and potatoes into crunchy tasty Batata Miiliyeh.

Leftovers cooked insides of eggplants and zucchini and leftovers yogurt made for an inventive transformation.

A layer of the cooked vegetables, the yogurt and grilled pita and we have a new trademarked Fatteh.

And will leave you with a final thought.

A store bought baba ghanouj can look so ugly in a plastic container.

Just see what the transformation of pouring it into a Lebanese platter can do to it!

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