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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Wacky Chowder

Wacky forces of being bored, lazy and not many ingredients to cook with came together to turn the crock pot into a wacky seafood chowder making machine.

First I cooked my last onion and some garlic. That went into the base of the crock pot.

Potatoes and carrots were all the vegetables I had in the house. These were added along with 6 cups of vegetable broth and chilli peppers. The wacky seafood chowder machine is now turned on.

At three quarters of the cycle, two cans were opened and poured in the pot - evaporated milk and corn.

For seafood, I had two pieces of pre-made breaded fish fillets. Not enough. Luckily I always have Gold Seal tuna cans on hand; they always seem to rescue a meal when nothing else is around. One can of no drain Gold Seal delicious tuna was added.

Taste test - something amiss; but nothing that a can of cream of mushroom soup cannot fix.

Wacky? Yes. But was it edible you ask? Delicious (seriously).

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